Purpose and Objectives

Our Purpose

  • The College in its nature embraces the dual creeds: Serve our society through the use of languages, and move the world with cross-cultural vision. Our lifelong goal is to carry out the sacredness of the University’s motto: Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness.
  • In the meantime, the College aims to appreciate world cultures through the use of foreign languages, while dedicating to the education of individuals and training our students to become internationally open-minded and independent in thinking.
  • In courses, we not only promote service education under the guidance of life education, prepare students to refine their sentiments of humanity, but also train language professionals to respect people and take full responsibility for their deeds.


Educational Objectives

  • Enhance students’ ability of cross-cultural communication, independent thinking and self-learning.
  • Provide more exchange opportunities so as to broaden the multicultural horizons of our students.
  • Cultivate students’ sentiments of humanity through various service-based courses and activities.