1. Small-sized classes

    • Ideal environment to develop language competence
  2. Enhancement to the vision of internationalization

    • The first in Taiwan to participate in the Cross-Cultural Competence: Business, Culture and Communication international program
    • International Teachers and Students Mutual Learning Program
    • Study Abroad Programs
    • Mainland China Sister Universities Visiting and Learning Program
    • International Corner
  3. Cooperation between industry and academia

    • Cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the China Productivity Center to organize the “2012, 2013, International Youth Culture and Study Tour to the Republic of China (Taiwan)”
    • “e-plan Collaborative Program Between Academia and Industry”
  4. Moral and ethical education

    • Maintain campus etiquette
  5. Social participation

    Our courses, research, guidance, and services all contribute to the holistic education of students, while emphasizing the use of language skills to communicate and serve both the minority groups and the world.
    Types of Participation:

    1. International Exchange and Service:
      1. International Cultural Exchange Volunteer Group (through theMinistry of Foreign Affairs)
      2. Foreign Service Group (through the Ministry of Education)
      3. Catholic Volunteers for Foreign Culture and Society
    2. Local Social Participation:
      1. Society Care Education
      2. Rural Care Education:
        1. The MOE’s “Project of Online Tutoring for After-School Learning”
        2. Summer and Winter Classrooms—“Life Education Plan”
        3. Youth Countryside Service and Professional Training Plan
    3. Social Participation Reading Group
  6. Academic exchange with other universities

    • Partnership established in 2006 between the College, National Chengchi University, Providence University and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages​​ to organize live distance learning classes (Basic Italian Conversation).
    • The College of Foreign Languages and Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages jointly organize the Cross-Strait Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
  7. Interdisciplinary teaching

    • Program of Western Classical and Medieval Culture (since 2002)
    • Program in Diplomacy and International Affairs (since 2003)
    • English Elite Program (since 2008)
    • Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (since 2009)
    • Program in Financial, Economic and Legal Translation (since 2009)
    • Program in International Medical Translation (since 2014)
  8. Integration of foreign language teaching and cross-cultural communication

    • Elective course on Learning Chinese Culture in Foreign Languages offered since 2009
    • Incorporate cross-cultural, local and global issues in course curriculum
  9. Increase student competitiveness in the job market by developing core abilities through our special curriculum design 

    • Innovation in interpersonal communication
    • Group cooperation
    • Problem solving and analysis
    • Understanding changes in the global environment